Return & Shipping Policy


Delivery times provided to the Customer are estimates only and PPI is not liable for late delivery or non-delivery or for loss occasioned by the Customer or its customers arising from late delivery or non-delivery.

Delivery and/or performance pursuant to an order are subject to PPI’s being able to obtain the goods the subject of an order. PPI shall be deemed to have been granted an automatic extension of time for delivery of the goods appropriate to any variation requested by the Customer.

The Customer shall be liable for delivery costs, including return costs.

Goods are delivered to the Customer when PPI makes them available to the Customer or any agent or any carrier (who shall be the Customer’s agent notwithstanding whoever may be responsible for its charges).

PPI shall not be liable for any loss or damage however arising to the goods in the course of delivery. PPI may, at its option, deliver the goods to the Customer in any number of instalments.

The Customer must not refuse to accept delivery of the goods. The Customer shall pay all costs and expenses incurred due to cancellation of an order.

All goods shall be deemed to have been accepted by the Customer unless notification either on the delivery docket or in writing is received by PPI within seven days from the date of delivery.

PPI reserves the right to cancel or delay delivery due to any unforeseen circumstances, unavailability of transport and/or any other causes beyond it’s reasonable and practical control.


PPI will accept return of goods which are inherently damaged or defective through no fault of the Customer or any third party provided they are returned within 21 days of delivery and the return is approved by PPI in advance. Risk in goods returned remains with the Customer until the goods are received by PPI.