PPI supports the Walk for Love

PPI were proud to be a part of the St Peter's Woodlands Walk for Love fundraising day at the school.

The school raised over $7000 for the day, a truly fantastic effort from all the kids and parents involved.

The Walk for Love event was a great success!

Friday 26 May, the day of the SPW ‘Walk for Love’ event, dawned. The sun shine bright as child after child, staff member after staff member and parent after parent walked through the school gates proudly sporting a Walk for Love T-shirt. What an incredible sight. Brightness however, was not restricted just to our pink t-shirts. Instead, brightness shone from faces everywhere you looked. Awareness that this was the day SPW walked to make a difference was apparent wherever you looked and to whomever you spoke.

Gathering together, the entire SPW school community, led by the SRC team, left the school grounds beginning the walk around the streets of Glenelg. Younger and older children walked side by side and hand in hand; children, staff and parents walked united. Smiles abounded, laughter rang out and the happiness was contagious. Children proudly carried banners and spoke with passers-by about the work of the SRC and the work of the Mary Potter Foundation.

Why NOT to buy direct from an overseas website?

We occasionally have clients come to us after they have tried to purchase items from overseas websites because the items were cheaper than what they could buy from a local company.

Let us remind you that 'cheaper does not always mean better' and will probably end up costing you money in the long run.

Recently, a client came to us after they had ordered t-shirts for an upcoming event from an overseas website. The price was good, the images of the t-shirts looked good and they could deliver them in time for the event. They were happy...until the t-shirts arrived.

The t-shirts they had ordered were 2 to 3 sizes smaller than the average Australian size. When we compared these t-shirts with t-shirts from one of our regular suppliers, we found the 3XL was equivalent to the size of a LARGE, the LARGE was equivalent to the size of a SMALL. They were also very short in the body length and the farbic was thinner than our standard t-shirts as well.

In the end we are able to get the client out of trouble and supply them with a quality t-shirt, with a quality print, at a good price, in time for their event.

While it did cost the client a little extra money, in the end they learned a valuable lesson and have made a new friend in PPI.




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